Cleaning Radiators

Layers of dust can compromise the ability of radiators to do its job and because heat attracts dust, your radiator will be dustier than most other things in the room.

Instructions on cleaning radiators:

Method 1. A weekly dusting with a feather duster or a dust cloth will keep the accumulation down. Home Cleaning recommends a major radiator cleaning to be done at least twice a year if your environment is particularly dusty then three to four times.

Method 2. Remove as much of the surface dirt as possible using a hand vacuum or the brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner. The brush can actually go some way toward getting in between the tubes. But the thin nozzle attachment goes further. It is almost sure that using a vacuum will not get all the dirt out, there are more effective ways to clean inside the crevices.

Method 3. To reach the dust trapped between tubes, use a couple of common kitchen items. Wrap a sheet of paper towel around the broad end of a kitchen spatula and secure it a with a rubber band. Then slide the spatula up and down both sides of each tube of the radiator. For resistant substances and especially sticky spills, spray some all-purpose cleaner on the paper-swathed spatula and have another go at it.

Method 4. Deal with rust spots as soon as you see them. You can get the larger chips off with a wire kitchen brush, followed by some medium and then fine-grade glass paper. be sure to get rid of all the rust so the corrosion will stop after painting. Once you have smoothed the surface and there is no visible rust residue, spray the spot with special radiator paint. If you are unsure of these procedures our expert cleaners can do the job for you. Check out the range of cleaning service that we offer.

Method 5. To clean a portable electronic radiator, unplug it and then follow the directions given in above (point 3) for cleaning traditional steam radiators. You won’t need the re-dusting and painting steps. A useful recommendation for keeping your electronic radiator clean, dust free when not in use is to store it in a plastic bag.

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